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Property Marketing Guide: Get More Qualified Leads in Phoenix, AZ

Property Marketing Guide: Get More Qualified Leads in Phoenix, AZ

US existing home sales have experienced a steady decline since February 2023. Most homes sell in a median of 32 days. With effective property marketing, you can find a qualified buyer faster.

Otherwise, your property may sit on the housing market for months. You could feel inclined to drop the asking price to attract buyers.

Don't let that happen! Instead, read on to develop an effective marketing strategy today.

Research the Housing Market

Before listing your property, research Phoenix's real estate market. Understanding the local market will help you spot trends. You can recognize what a prospective buyer hopes to find during their search.

For example, some buyers may want homes with energy-efficient upgrades. This research can help you make informed improvements to the property.

Stage and Photograph

Hire a professional staging company to make the property more appealing to buyers. You could see a 5 to 15% return on investment with these services. About 85% of staged homes sell for as much as 23% over their listing prices.

After staging the property, work with a professional real estate photographer. About 83% of buyers say pictures are very important when determining which homes to visit. Stunning images will attract potential buyers to the property.

In fact, 32% of homes with high-quality photos sell faster than those without visuals.

Consider adding video content, such as a video tour, to the listing. Listings with videos generate over 400% more views than others.

Use this photo and video content for the rest of your lead generation strategy. Stunning visuals will drive interest and engage your target audience.

Update the Listing

A prospective buyer won't tour the property in person if the listing lacks information. A detailed property listing should include:

  • An engaging, attention-grabbing headline
  • Location-specific phrases
  • High-quality visuals
  • A detailed description
  • Mention of square footage
  • The number of beds/bathrooms
  • Special features and amenities

End the listing with a strong call to action and your contact information. Encourage people to reach out for better lead generation.

Use Digital Real Estate Advertising

Advertise the property online to direct more buyers to your listing. Use platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These platforms will allow you to create clickable, engaging ads.

Generate more online visibility using social media marketing. Show off beautiful visuals of the property. Add relevant hashtags to the caption to appear in front of Phoenix buyers.

Hire a Property Management Company

Gain an advantage in today's competitive housing market. Consider partnering with an experienced property management company.

You can leverage their expertise to direct more people to your listing. Their effective lead generation tactics can help you find a qualified buyer.

Property Marketing: Find Your Qualified Buyer

Developing a detailed property marketing strategy will put more eyes on your listing. Use these tips to find a prospective buyer. Remember, you can always ask for help.

Trust our team at Real Property Management Phoenix Valley. We were voted one of the best real estate management companies in Phoenix.

Rely on our 25 years of experience managing over 2,000 properties. Our seasoned property managers can make your life as an owner easier! Contact us today for help with your Phoenix property.